Skeleton Crew at Atlantic Theatre Company 

“Unquestionably a strong, formidable work. All four leads are ipeccable. Theater-goers won’t want to miss this.”

The Blood Quilt at Arena Stage

“Mathis turns in a fine performance as the level-headed third sister, the sensible sibling who has a realistic attitude to life.”
— Theater Mania

The Mountaintop at   -----

“With the turn of a mysterious screw, this play roars to life on the wings of the brilliant actors, J. Bernard Calloway and Nikiya Mathis. It moves...becoming a juggernaut.”
— Michael Brossilow -
“Calloway and Mathis are perfect in their roles... The petite and energetic Mathis bounces and dances about the stage... constantly speaks her mind, sometimes in colorful language...They spar and banter ... vacillating from serious subjects to comic interludes to unforeseen flights of fancy. King and Camae and Calloway and Mathis have true chemistry together, effortless and never forced. That chemistry extends to the audience. You could just feel the audience hold its collective breath at tense moments, hear it laughing hysterically at others — and see it shed tears at the end of the play.”
— Christina Wright -
“Perhaps best of all is Ms.Mathis, who delivers an innately sensitive performance, beautifully rendering an astonishing monologue about taking pride in her work along the way.”
“Ms. Mathis who endows her character with a sensual sponteneity that keeps undercutting her justifiable wariness, render Dez and Shanita’s hesitant courtship as a poignant melding of affinity and necessity. Warm-blooded, astute, and beautifully acted.”
“Director Kamilah Forbes has assembled a talented cast and allows them to strut their stuff. The ensemble is a joy to watch...It’s Mesmerizing, Mysterious, and Memorable.”
— Broadway World
“Nikiya Mathis enters the room and fills it, sculpting a character who is sexy and sassy but also tender and sad as she, like King, gazes beyond the here and now with the eyes of a prophet who knows too much.”
— Mike Fisher - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Nikiya Mathis, as Camae... completely takes ownership of her character, creating the sassy, hard-drinking, chain smoking and streetwise young woman.